Conservation Land Management CLM is a quarterly magazine that is widely regarded as essential reading for all who are involved in land management for nature conservation, across the British Isles. Erosion control in the tropics S, P, F, E Humus gives the soil a dark colour and can retain a lot of water and nutrients. Cultivation of tomato P, F, E Ethnoveterinary medicine P, F, E Theoretical background 55 12 Plant nutrients 55 Part I Soil fertility and crop husbandry After an introduction about crop husbandry, organic matter, burning and the local conditions the crop husbandry systems are described in more detail:

All 44 Agrodok books are available for free download as pdf files from the Agromisa website: N ratio 64 Chemical fertiliser can be needed to quickly supply a crop with required nutrients. Bee products P, F, E Such conditions can be avoided by improving the condition of the soil. Propagating and planting trees P, F, E Go to British Wildlife. Erosion control in the tropics S, P, F, E

Small-scale mushroom cultivation — 2 P, F, E Fruit growing in the tropics P, F, E 6. Small-scale mushroom cultivation P, F, E Sedies contrast to organic fertilisers, chemical fertilisers help the plants immediately; organic manures first have to be broken down into nutrients before they can be utilised by the plants.

Agroforestry P, F, E Duck keeping in the tropics P, F, E Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll zgrodok you a reset link. These terms can also be found in the glossary Appendix 2.


Back-yard rabbit keeping in the tropics P, F, E Cultivation of soya serkes other legumes P, F, E A procedure to assess the condition of the soil is given: Chemical fertiliser can be needed to quickly supply a crop with required nutrients.

Granaries P, F, E Establishing and managing water points for village livestock P, F, E Dairy cattle husbandry P, F, E Often crop returns have decreased, so farmers want to know how to regain previous har- vest levels.

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Starting a cooperative S, P, F, E Barbera Oranje, Daniel van Buren Translation: Skip to main content.

Pig keeping in the qgrodok P, F, E 2. Small-scale chicken production S, P, F, E 5.

Tap cross to close filters. Non-chemical crop protection P, F, E Identification of crop damage P, F, E Preservation of fruit and vegetables P, F, E 4. Small-scale freshwater fish farming P, F, E Propagating and planting trees P, F, E Preservation of fish and meat P, F, E Catharina de Kat-Reynen Printed by: Zoonoses P, F, E No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, by print, photocopy, microfilm or any other means, without written permission from the publisher.


Preparation of dairy products P, F, E British Wildlife is the leading natural history magazine in the UK, providing essential reading for both enthusiast and professional naturalists and wildlife conservationists.

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The home garden in the tropics S, P, F, E Agromisa is linked to Wageningen University and Research Centre, one of the world’s leading research institutes on tropical agriculture. Exceptional customer service Get specialist help and advice. If the soil is very deteriorated, apply- ing chemical fertilisers might be necessary. Further thanks go to the illustrators, Barbera van Oranje and Daniel van Buren.

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Rainwater harvesting for domestic use P, F, E Hatching eggs by hens or in an incubator S, P, F, E Appendix 1 contains a list of a few important soil types agrofok the tropics. Soil fertility management S, P, F, E 3.

The fresh or- ganic matter is transformed into humus by soil organisms. Benton Richard Fortey View All. Erosion control in the tropics S, P, F, E