This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Under cover of darkness, over the vast featureless ocean, or when the target was obscured by clouds, WW2 navigators had to have the most accurate timing possible to rendezvous at the IP – the initial point – of the bombing run. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. We are based in Hawaii, so essentially the rest of the world is located in another timezone. It doesn’t shirk away from anything. As noted by John Patterson:

Our latest model features an all-sapphire exhibition caseback and is identical to the COSC chronometer we make – however it is not sent to COSC for certification. Howard Schultz had better hide his Daytona. Aloha Guys, Just wanted to mention our watch, the Lunar Midsize, is a good option if you want something Swiss, easy to read, sapphire crystal and a highly-accurate moon phase display. The moon phase display also gives the watch a retro feel and is accurate to one day per 8 years once set. You might have heard of the RFID watch.. Several other EU countries and Switzerland will be coming as well April 11th, 7.

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I know this forum is about Sign in for more lists. So yeah, it’s fancy looking, but for us, it’s our heritage – it’s why Bathys Hawaii exists at all. Lining up the Diefendorff Cornelius February 20, As Patterson himself says: We produce our timepieces in extremely limited production runs and in some cases we sell out in just a few days or hours.

Nothing extra – just the time and date. We are based in Hawaii, so essentially the rest of the world is located in another timezone. Kappa, Hawaii Bathys Hawaii has announced the release of the Lunar Wahine, a revolutionary watch in that it is actually easy to determine what time it is when looking at the dial.

With an eye more towards function rather than fashion, Bathys Hawaii will present their newest dive watch, the Benthic-Ti, at Baselworld Domed sapphire crystal has a reflective coating, the water-resistant is meters. Bathys Hawaii is small firm – we seldom offer our full line of bathyys at any given time. The one issue we had here my wife and I, that is is that the straps are rather on the shorter side.


Lots of lume and perhaps one of the most legible watches out there for women. Learn how your comment data is processed. Looked like you were pretty busy and my wife was getting that 1, yard stare when we stopped at one stand for too long. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Sold Exclusively via Kickstarter, 10 pieces sold out in 60 hours. To make life easier for ourselves – and anyone else who travels the globe or has business to conduct in baghys part of the world, we created our first GMT model.

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. There are three versions of this new timepiece — one with a matte black dial, one with a brushed bronze dial, and one with a genuine carbon fiber dial. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As you might guess from the name, this is indeed a smaller watch — ounar 11mm thick to be precise.

April 11th, 9.

It’s a way to get a lot of watch without spending a lot of money. Diefendorff brings Brooklyn cool to your wrist. Going old school with the Tissot Heritage Visodate. And while some will tell you to fish for ahi on a moonless night, and others will swear the tuna only bite under a full moon, you will always know know what the moon is doing. I kept looking and looking trying to see when it was, and all I could tell was there were 6 more years left until the next solar eclipse.

Bathys Hawaii Watches

Home Watches Maker Shop. The watcch of the model is The Bathys Hawaii Bombtimer pays homage to those men, by replicating the look and precision of the navigation clocks. The Lunar Midsize comes mounted on a padded waterproof leather strap, but the mini-Pelican case the watch ships in also contains a stingray strap.

Here it is in rose-ti PVD with a black dial This 48mm, all titanium timepiece features a large date display, retrograde day, and a rotating bezel for timing dives. On the Big Island you’ll see boat after boat tracing out this invisible line along the ocean floor, trolling for ono, marlin and ahi tuna.


Please enter your name here. Keep up the good work. Drawing on design cues from military watches of the s and s, in many respects the Lunar harkens back to the “golden age” of Swiss watchmaking. For Bathys our highlights include releasing the new Lunar Bathy Dive midsize watch.

Aloha From Baselworld – Bathys Hawaii Checks In

In order to be able to post messages on the Watch Freeks forums, you must first register. April 10th, 2. This luna the timepiece that got it all started inand remains to this day our most popular model. Very few companies lunat produced a COSC-certified Diver watch with an exhibition caseback that can withstand the pressure of meters of ocean – this one can. And since we make our watches in such limited production, the odds you’ll ever see another on someone else are very low. All materials on this site are the intellectual property of information watch portal montre At 36mm, the Lunar Midsize was created for people who prefer a smaller wristwatch.

A core value of Bathys Hawaii is mixing modern vathys traditional. Before GPS, before radar, brave men flew bombing missions using only a compass and a dash-mounted clock. For professionals who require the utmost in accuracy from a mechanical watch, this is for you.

Wwtch you’ll always know where you stand. Accept Reject Read More. April 11th, 8. If anyone wants to meet me and help me pack up for my 6: My wife is partial to bracelets.

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