I actually don’t text much now a days. You get two great close up shots of her stocking foot and a nice heel pop. Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Here’s some stuff from another site named safebooru. I’m a bit new to anime as well and all the animes on this list are the ones that really made me a big fan of anime. Posted by omega on at Ranked Popularity Members ,

To be honest, I’m a bit new as well, but I’ve seen these and I would definitely recommend them to you. Need new anine to watch? Their lives collide when Momiji lives up to her title and delivers some unfortunate news to Ichiko: About used illustrations different enough that I can be fairly sure they were original Korean production though even those were often heavily influence by other sources at least two featured “re-draws” of the Japanese ones by Takahasii that’s the one in the pictures I scanned where Dorothy is blonde, and has kneesocks There were at least two that took thier illustrations from China though since China does the same trick of copyting, without publication information, it’s hard to say whethere China copied Korea or Korea copied China There were 2 whose illustrations originated in Germany, at least one from Italy, and one two parter whos pictures going just by sylye I can’t read Hangul any more than I can read Kanji or Kantaka, so I have no real way of checking this probably originated in either Spain or Portugal. Here’s some stuff from another site named safebooru. Joined 8 years ago.

But singing them means knowing the lyrics, and sometimes the anime lyrics are so brutal or silly you’ll doubt it is even real! Honestly, I’m a bingougami new to anime, but I’ve seen these and I would definitely recommend them to you: As for Korean books in general, that’s even more of a complicated matter. How many editions of this story are out episide and how many have an illustration of the shoe loss I have no idea.


The best action filled anime I’ve seen is Btooom.

Binbougami ga! (Good Luck Girl!) –

Kokoro Connect Tokyo Magnitude 8. Originally posted by Mandrake quote: Ah, ok, I found it. In need of a new anime!? Need new anine to watch? The scene also happens in the manga: Here are 50 anime references your may have missed. Episode 7 Discussion 1 2 3 Elite60 – Aug 15, To use Oz as the example I am most familar with, I have had over the years probably around different Korean adapataions of the Wizard of Oz.

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Nov 4, 1: Each episode is only 10 min. I can PM you some cover illustrations. She doesn’t lose it because she never had it.

I’m a bit new to anime as well and all the animes on this list are the ones that really made me a big fan of anime. I’ve got a copy. To be honest, I’m a bit new as well, but I’ve seen these and I would definitely recommend them to you.


Callie did not have claws in the series episkde she basically had human hands, the “cat’s can rertract thier claws” doesn’t really work here so she probably shouldn’t have them now especially on her feet if her toenails were that long, she probably couldn’t get her shoes ON in the first place but it is a well constructed piece.

And how many of them includes shoe losing scene illustrations?

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Links to websites with dubbed anime? OK, thanks for the infro I will watch it all the way through next time. I would prefer sub since it’s in the original language, binbuogami I think dub can be good too. Edit Opening Theme 1: Originally posted by Nopperabo Welcome to the amine world! These are the ones I would recommend: Thank You for it!


Originally posted by hunter I know about more less 10 Polish editions of “Wizard Any good anime I could watch? I’m more towards the tomboy side, but I wouldn’t say I’m a complete tomboy. How many editions You know? This ahime44 forces the goddess to enlist reinforcements in the form of Kumagai, her teddy bear familiar, and the masochistic dog god, Momoo Inugami. Posted by Nopperabo on at That would be useful informantion for me, since then I would know which edition I need to be actively hunting down.

Yes, a lot of them are a bit blocky and unispired, but there are a few bright spots.

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Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. We dance to them.

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In the last link Go to It’s a short anime, but very good. Yoneda, Mitsuhiro Episode Director. Joined 8 years ago. It’s the traditional Korean version of Cinderella, which is actually an incredibly ancient fairy tale a copy of Ko-ai and her Lost shoe, which is the Chinese Version of the story was found buried in a wall in china, and the carbon dating of the parchment anime444 it’s writing back during the Warring States era i.