And property on the moon Their names are Malcolm and Reynolds. Jordan Hooper November 7, at 6: What about Season 4 Episode 5? What is not complicated is that Jordan Shaw is the real deal and Kate Beckett, the infallible super detective, is merely a pretender in her company. Late to the party. The serial killer remains at large and is taunting Castle, Beckett and Jordan Shaw to catch him. I’m excited to see how they work it out that Beckett didn’t die in the explosion.

Their names are Malcolm and Reynolds. In s07e03 when castle takes down Henry with a sword and Kate comes running in,there’s a brown coat in the scene! How about new Firefly references in new S05E06 episode? Thanks a bunch for sharing this. Pages Home Firefly references in Castle. I just found out about the catalyzer a week or so ago.

Alternatively, try a Kinko’s of something like? Just my two cents. You’ve opened a whole new world of understanding–and things to look out for–on Castle. I’m so glad you found the information helpful! Nathan Fillion mentioned this in an interview. Anonymous June 10, cwstle 8: I just about went crazy when I heard it. Also in Lucky Stiff, Castle has bought property on the Moon in preparation for a day when the Earth is uninhabitable.

Castle S02e04

On a side note, Castle is an OK show, but it is a true shame there has been 5 complete seasons of wattch and we were only blessed with one incomplete season of Firefly. I’m surprised you missed one obvious reference in the names of the characters in “The Final Frontier”, Max Reynard’s second in command was Chloe.


They have been popping the occasional reference to our dear, departed Firefly into episodes of Castle. Is one of the writers for Castle also a writer for Firefly or something??

Anonymous February 23, at I’m not certain if it’s intentional or not, but in “Home is Where the Heart Stops”, the mayor uses the word, “Shindig”, and the scene of Rick and Kate coming into the ballroom looks a lot like Mal and Kaylee at their own ball.

Anonymous September 16, at 6: I love David and Emily. What about Season 4 Episode 5? This could possibly be a reference to Episode 2 of Firefly when Captain Reynolds starts the fight in obline bar.

Bit of a late mention, but IIRC, the special hell he mentions is because of people who are talking in the theater.

And they are two very scary customers.

Anonymous July 3, at 5: You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Kithica February 13, at Glad to see other people are noticing all of these Firefly references. I am happy to say that I picked up on all of the Firefly references except the similar names of the Nebula 9 crew in season 5 episode 6.

It was cancelled over a decade ago after 12 episodes, which was 12 episodes too many. Nathan plays 2×81 mystery writer who loves a good story.


Castle: 2×18

That makes me feel all shiny ;p. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Even in Vampire Weekend Anonymous November 13, at Great site and insights The opening scene with Castle and his “toys” seemed a throwback to Wash.

Thanks a bunch for sharing watc. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. Kate Beckett Susan Sullivan It is hard to tell sometimes whether it’s deliberate or not. Anonymous April 1, at This one stuck in my mind immediately. Oooo those are fighting words! Lydia July 2, at Did you notice the brief moment when he had the first two fingers on each hand sticking up, kinda like he was making two peace signs? Becket is barricaded in castle’s home, but the killer captures Shaw.

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Looking up Nathan Fillion lead me back to Firefly. Mal’s second in command on Firefly was Zoe. Also, according to Nathan’s Twitter feed, the Firefly reference he was happiest about in “Season 2, Episode 6 – Vampire Weekend” wasn’t the costume.

You’ll have a whole new page of references.