Mia san jetz da wo’s weh tut Session at RSA Boston , In which sectors does the drawing practice continue to use traditional materials and techniques? Oliver Mommsen und Sabine Postel. Staubkind topic Staubkind is a German pop rock band from Berlin, founded in by Sven Louis Manke guitarist of the industrial rock act Terminal Choice. Techniques were developed and exchanged between artists from different environments, as was the case with brush drawings, initially typical for Venice and eventually diffused throughout much of Europe. This panel seeks to consider paper across the early modern world and how artists utilized paper not only as a support for drawing and printmaking but also as a material that already had embedded meaning in its production.

In the past decade there has been an explosion of comics production in German-speaking Europe. The program consists of two parts: Due to incompatible cataloguing standards dopted by libraries and art museums, researchers can struggle to identify book illustrations across collections. Addressing the epistemological encounter between artists, scientists, and the natural world, this panel zooms in on how this moment of intersection called for innovative strategies of visualization and shaped new graphic conventions in the production of images. Quartett in Leipzig Guido Cantz und Marcel Reif.

This includes the study of the physical object as well as the interpretation of archival evidence.

Susan Link und Sven Lorig. What new kinds of drawing have been developed, and do they still possess the same aspects of ambiguity often associated with the hand-drawn sketch? Wolfgang Bahro topic Wolfgang Bahro born 18 September is a German actor of television, stage, and film.

The second day of the conference, Sunday, October 22, will focus bisdermann the work of graduate students, with two sessions organized by Devon Baker, Maeve Coudrelle, and Natalia Vieyra, advanced doctoral students in the Art History department. Inhe became part of the Didi-Show, a program by Dieter Hallervorden.


Januar per Mail an PD Dr. Please send proposals of no more than words along with a word biography by 6th July to kyle. Proposals can be submitted, in English or in French, using this on-line form: Techniques were developed and exchanged between artists from different environments, as was the case with brush drawings, initially typical for Venice and eventually diffused throughout much of Europe.

Kressin und der tote Mann im Fleet The network decided to recast the popular role. Nicht zuletzt stellen sich dabei verschiedentliche Diskrepanzen zwischen kunstkritischen Schriften und Kunstwerken, zwischen Theorie und Praxis, heraus.

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Borowski in der Unterwelt Steffen Henssler und Guido Cantz. I curatori delle istituzioni falel parteciperanno ai lavori. The German Soap Award began for the first time in as an event organised by mypromi. During his marriage with Karlinder he took a double surname, Peer Karlinder-Kusmagk.

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Der tiefe Schlaf Transnational trade in stereotypes provoked a cascade of changes faole the relationship between letterpress and image in Europe and beyond. It calle only won its time slot but became also one of the highest-rated programmes, normally ranking in the Top 10 ratings of the day. Plants have always been represented in different ways, through manuscripts, woodcuts, engravings and the actual dried specimens in herbaria.

Please email proposals to kathryn. In addition, collectors acquired not only art prints but also posters, books, and diverse ephemera. Rot — rot — tot She played the role of police officer Franziska ‘Franzi’ Jung in the series Notruf Hafenkante from to Johann Lafer und Sarah Wiener.


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Abstracts for minute papers, not exceeding words should be sent with a brief academic Comevy words by 22 November to: Fischer, Katja 19 July Our aim is to provide a platform for sharing approaches and developing future collaborations between scholars working with prints. The programme was never aired again since then. Drawing manuals published models for landscape depictions— plants and trees, geologic formations, typical inhabitants; these were often borrowed from paintings commedy were then recycled into new paintings, drawings, photographs, prints.

The show aired its 5,th episode on 16 December By discussing the works with peers and senior experts, it allows participants to train their eye, strengthen their expertise in Italian Renaissance drawings, and further develop skills necessary when researching towards collection catalogues, crucial for a career as curator in this field.

We hope to include papers addressing a range of time periods and regions, from the Renaissance through to the present day.

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