Again a lovely review so agree with you,it was a great episode. Writing at its best, SZ! This may take a second or two. There was enough of Zarak Khan Shehryar Munawar in this episode and I must say that it may take me sometime to like him. So very sweet of you to appreciate my mediocre comments! I got a felling that Sophia, the new character, with whom Zain was talking to on the phone has something to do with the tension between the father and daughter.

Similarly Kaif plays the perky Chandni with such ease that even in that one scene with Zain she made her mark. Indeed, Qabacha was the star of the show today. The poor chap, now how is he expected to make sense of passport-eating fish — pehle daku kiya kam the ke ab yeh nayee museebat! Koi seedha jawaab hi nahin… sab loagon ki apni gol gol baatein … Shabash Qabacha — aapne woh kar dikhaya jo hum paanch hafton main nahin kar sake!!! Kudos to you for keeping us informed and excited about the serials and giving an in-depth analysis! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Ordinarily, I would say he was passable, but after having watched a stalwart like Behroze Sahab in action, followed by the relatively more experienced Shahroz, I have to confess to being very tanhaiysn. Alishba was much better and gave a good account of herself, but the real scene stealer here was Salma Hasan. If you go back and watch the scene you can see Sania twiddling her fingers around just like you do when you are holding something hot, right before Qabacha walks in and even before that you can tell she was holding a hot plate.

Oh, my brother will be happy if a new installment comes, please do mention it if you get any more news. Like SK I was too busy enjoying Shehryar speak and showing his Colgate smile that I forgot about him being an average actor.

All you guys write so eloquently, sz and all the other regular commenters, it makes me quite nervous commenting. The second episode brought tears to my eyes!! TNS and CK are a great come back in our drama industry and i really hope these drama producers, directors, writers jo bhi take a leaf out of their books and try to gives their viewers something more refreshing like this.


Faran uncle anger had a good justification too and i believe only Qabaca can bring him out of there. Lovely to hear from you. Goodness, it takes me so long to write a simple comment. Even after so many years Sanya still enjoys torturing Qabacha and I absolutely loved all the scenes with Qabacha and Sanya in them. Matching him at every step was Marina Khan, she was just great. I find the excessive make up that our male actors wear extremely distracting and Shehryaar Munawar was wearing a lot of it.

After all how many such actors are out there who can look cute playing such a character. Farhan Uncle ko kiya hua? Uff what a relief to watch normal people being just a tad bit silly without really doing full on slapstick. I love your reviews. You know what I like about this sequel the most till now; the fact that it is not a thought provoking drama but it still manages to stir all the right emotions in you.

Close Window Loading, Please Wait! I didnt think he would be able to pull it off nor did I think I would enjoy it this much the secod time around, but clearly we all needed some comedy in our lives.

Also about the reviews, always give us something to think about and point out the issues we and details we tend to miss! I got a felling that Sophia, the new character, with whom Zain was talking to on the phone has something to do with the tension between the father and daughter.

His son Iltitmish is quiet good in comedy delivery.

Zarak Khan will have to try harder to win me over unlike all the other characters with whom I fell in love with almost immediately. More articles by admin. Shukar hai, aik class ka family drama to aaya. I think this is nothing short of an achievement.

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I am also glad some fun is back in the dramas, really enjoying saturdyts these days. It still makes you cry in parts though, as the memories of Zara are still with everyone, the big be aunt and niece was so heart touching and well done. Each episode of TNS leaves me with a nice feeling and definitely makes me come back for more.


Speaking of the Youth Center, I almost want to start an inquiry into the finances of this Center — kaun deta hai iske paisey, kahan se aatey hain yeh paise?? Seriously we desperately need to go back to our drama roots, the stuff that goes on on our channels these days in the name of drama, is a disgrace.

Both Tanhaiyaan and Coke Kahani are great reminder of our creativity, culture, youth, solutions to the problem and the resilience of Pakistanis on whole.

Qabacha is exceptionally cute; innocent like a grown up baby and only Behroze Sabzwari could have pulled off such a complicated character with such ease.

All in all, another fun episode, some weak spots, but overall enjoyable!

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay by Ary Digital – Episode 5 – Preview

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Marina Khan looks beautiful and very attractive. Have to give it to Chandni for doing a great job with the whole lisp act, I can just imagine how hard it must be! Learn how your comment data islsilay processed. Qabacha is definitely the star of the show.

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay – Episode 5 Review

Indeed, Qabacha was the star of the show today. Good to see you here, looking forward to your comments! He is so adorable! Ah, Weekend television is back for us! The baraat series seemed to be something everyone in our family used to enjoy and we watched together though I know that was quite different from TNS in many ways.

Hahaha i loved what your wrote about Jr.

If all else fails she watches Humsafar reruns. The language is beautiful.