Featuring a new intro by ImTeras Being attacked by an invisible Anderz in the Death Games Redesigning part of his front yard Looking for zombie villagers and curing them Populating his villager. Changes to the blaze farm Cleaning up after Zisteau’s modifications to his cave. Touring what has been done on the server so far Gathering levels and enchanting Creating villagers with Seth and Nebris. Mindcrack Server – Episode Each individual who wished to participate added his named sword to the sorter, which randomly selects a person as the target. Setting up the mushrooms Circle stone block generator.

Views Read Edit View history. Please use the talk page for contact. Building an underwater village near Beef’s jungle. See Entering the Nether. Death games, a “prank prelude” to repay them for killing Pause. Retrieved from ” http: Etho’s Been Pranked” Guude: Adding water into the Nether before the 1.

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Building pixel art of minecraft string spisode BdoubleO’s house. Please use the talk page for contact. Etyoslab cactus Showing the clay farming procedure in the mesa biome Battling Pause in their civil war Work on the tunnel through the Nether to new biomes. On the post 1. Completing Guude’s spawn house with a colorful mix of materials.

Hunting generikb as part of the Death Games Talking about farming wither skeleton skulls Showing his mob grinder.

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Etho’s cave smoothed out, lava walls and Nether portal chandelier placed. Speed build of building a beach, complete with sandcastle, beach ball, and Pause reclining in a straw hat with a cool drink to poke fun at his frequent “vacations” Audio excerpt from the Mindcrack Podcast 37 where Guude is poking fun at Pause’s vacations.

MC Gamer’s underwater palace flooded with water and filled with boats. Defending a Death Games attack from Etho Then helping to recover Etho’s items Introducing the idea of catacombs ethodlab the Death Games Discovering a prank from Dinnerbone that flipped his building company upside down Removing an unidentified prank that left four large brown mushrooms in the Town Hall Digging out an underground area and creating an entrance for the catacombs.


Cleaning up the nether makeover on his cave. Doubling crossing VintageBeef in the Death Games. Depositing crafting tables into the vault Showing his Death Games building Collecting glowstone, checking out generikb’s slime farm Clips from building a spider trap with Anderz, Doc and Seth.

Looking at new buildings around spawn Enlarging the Nether Hub portal and making a quarts detail Discussing his quartz trip. Rigged Dispensers filled with potions with negative effects are hidden throughout the place.

Random elements were placed or changed in Zisteau’s temporary home. See Entering the Nether. Determining his phantom attacker Covering the Nether Hub domes to protect them from Ghasts Working on a cart launching system.

The Art of Pranking”.

Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode 134: Collecting Things

Pause, trying to stop them, was killed several times. Nebris and mcgamer could kill each other once and Arkas once, or Etho would kill them instead. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Collecting all unattended crafting benches and securing them in a vault for the community Moving animals to clear a space at spawn for the death games Setting up the redstone for the death games. Fighting Nebris and discussing the battle. Starting a pet store ethosoab the Spawn village. Sneaking into the theater together when testing the UHC mumble plugin Checking out BdoubleO’s work in the arena Redesigning the capture points Checking the shops at spawn.

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Rebuilding the arena roof Talking about the B-Team casino and one-upping others on the server Flooding the arena and playing with boats. Please use the talk page for contact. Placing lots of workbenches for Etho’s Vault at the Death Games construction site. Sky Shrooms Part 2 “.


Setting up EthoCorp’s bulk potion delivery service Setting up a method to flood the NetherHub with mobs Testing his mob flooding system Capturing “Little Buddy” the baby pigman. Sky Shrooms Part 2 ” PauseUnpause: Arena Fight Night Part 2 of 2 “. Sky Shrooms Part 3 “. G-All Nether Mod Prank”. Tunnel To New Lands”. Exploring what has been built in Guudeland Fighting a Wither in the Wither arena.

episodr Trading with Beef Working on the track and jumping test area at the racetrack Instituting a method for server wide death games. Building colored wool flags on the walls of Etho’s jungle base in the style of Nebris’ base. Episode – Etho did do this!

Sky Shrooms Part 3 ” witness Guude: Building a donut-shaped carrot farm in the modular hexagonal village at Ethopia in addition to small adjustments. A miniature copy of BdoubleO’s house with a flat bridge placed inside the Town Hall.

Poison bee in an apiary attached to a howler alarm placed behind warded glass at AnderZEL’s base. Strip mining for cobble Progress on his nether track Addition of a rail entrance and beginning to work on the track to the blaze farm. Pranking AnderZEL by placing buttons and rigged dispensers with potions with negative effects around his base. Etho’s pet shop covered in webs and guarded by the spider from Charlotte’s Web.

Montage of clips from episodes on the MindCrack server. Opening what was his Christmas present A water prank on Etho.