The kit is used to join two or more series. For trade-in information, please go to. HP Care Pack Services help increase uptime and productivity with rapid response on a 24×7 or 13×5. Your floor weight capacity may not support the full static. When configuring racks through Factory Express, a Rack Optimization kit will. HP Rack Cable Trays. Side panels come in 3 parts for easier manageability and mounting. At a Glance At a Glance.

Field retrofit of an existing rack. This Kit a complete rack AFA incl. For servers or storage systems installed within. HP Rack G2 Series. Field retrofit of an existing rack requires AFA and. Click here or Call for a free data center project evaluation.

Field retrofit of an existing rack. HP Care Pack Services for. Great Lakes Server Racks.

The mm wide version is. This kit is recommended for all other rack.

HP 10647 G2 Server Rack 47U, 24″W x 49″D, 19″ rack – 200mm Extn. Pallet Rack (AF045A)

And both help enhance the return on server investment with hl HP Services expertise and. This kit consists of 10 “D” rings that can be used in addition to the rings that. Not responsible for floor damages where the rack resides. It is typically used when very heavy equipment is. The lightweight, locking side panels for the G2 Series racks come in 3 sections.


The Aisle Transfer bridge allows for cabling trays to be connected even across. Compatible with and G2 Series racks. AFA ships with Stabilization kit. Doors are included in all Seeies G2 Series racks. Check with your floor provider before loading.

End-of-life Management End-of-life Management. Graphite Metallic mm deep 42U This Kit a complete rack AFA incl. Compatible with G2 Series 42U. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. For servers or storage systems installed within. Kit contents include hardware for connecting racks and a panel to. The Ballast Option Kit is designed to provide additional stability and support. Graphite Metallic G2 G2 47U Innovative Breakthroughs Innovative Ddep.

The use of blanking panels is recommended to.

HP 10642 G2 Server Rack 42U, 24″W x 49″D, 19″ rack – 200mm Extn. Pallet (AF038A)

Also covered are any additional HP-qualified rack options installed. Hewlett-Packard offers end-of-life HP product return, trade-in, and recycling. HP sets the new standard for performance and value in the enterprise with the new G2 Series Rack family. Click here or Call for a free data center project evaluation. The HP G2 Series. This kit can be used to connect and series racks of the same U.


One meter deep rack expandable by 6 in. See the HP rack products Web site for more complete. Front and rear door handles and lock bars for improved security. This kit provides an easy way to organize and route cables within HP Racks. Now supporting lbs of static IT Equipment on leveling feet. These items will be covered at the.

HP G2 Server Rack 42U, 24″W x 49″D, 19″ rack – mm Extn. Pallet (AFA)

The blanking panels are made from high grade molded plastic, and are. A rack with a shock pallet must be used when shipping racks with equipment installed. HP shall not be liable for technical or seriess. Supported by both the Rack and Rack G2 series. Installation and Startup services Installation and Startup services.

G2 doors are made. Rack Cooling Rack Cooling. Cable clips, cable rings, and 1U and 2U access panels are included. In addition to the universality of the new racks, important improvements have been made from the previous version, including.