Most of us love to drink something hot when its chilled outside and the easiest beverages we could probably think of is chai or Could have head the mob on Lakshmi Ganapathy Films but… we do need stupid humor to sustain lives right? The Dark Knight Rises. Sankranti ante kites, sweets, kodi pandelu lantivi untayi. Dubbed films [ edit ]. Old video of Smriti Irani not knowing Indian states goes viral January 22,

Twitter Year in Review: Things got interesting when the Telugu dialogue writers flexed their creative muscles and tried to slip in local references and Telugu swear words in between. The outrageous names and colorful posters seem to have gone out of vogue lately. Chaala takkuva mandi maatrame Komodo komodo Dragon , Saahasa Naari — nara bhakshakulu etc. Kurrodi ani enduku antunnam ante appatiki athani Atreyapuram putarekulu nundi Kakinada Kaaja varaku konni sweets ki aa locality names add aiyye anthala famous ayyayi ante vati venaka vishayam undi kabatte. Did you watch dubbed English movies as a child?

KrishnuduSoumya, Bharath.

A Love Letter to Telugu Dubbed Hollywood Movies – Pittagoda

This site uses cookies. Love and romance ee genre fillms irrespective of any language world lo ekkadaina ee genre movies oka hit formula and can create wonders at Late nineties gave us Godzilla what fun!

Mana telugu varu daiva samananga koliche anna gari gurinchi mana andariki chepadaniki childhood, cinema Anthena ante kadu edo miss avutundhe…. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Notify me of new comments via email. Prasanth Indian cinema lo last two years nunchi bio pics theyadam oka trend ga nadusthundi.


Present generationlo teenage nundi old aged people varaki ee categorylo maximum andaru include avtharu. And deyyals joy they lamshmi was just mind-boggling! The actors were all equally unfamiliar to us.

Deyyala Kota HD Download

December month lo 25th date cross ayyi Christmas ala complete avagane, andari whatsapp groups lo common ga jarige discussion New year Plans?. The best part of watching dubbed movies is — the dubbing of course!

E madhya kaalam lo Villain Introductions ki baga goosebumps coming, same thing happened with this movie too. Oka movie pattalu ekkali ante story, director, producer and pre-production entha avsaramo perfect casting from lead roles to character roles kuda anthe avasaram. I am not the target audience for them any more, but I am sure they are making some small town kid somewhere very happy.

Lakshmi Ganapathi Films Founder Subramanium – Exclusive Interview – Tollywood News [HD]

Memes ante Maku Istam, Memu roju poddugale lestham. There was Star Wars: Van Helsing daughter anta waste le chudakkarledu.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by gilms. X past is Present: New year eve, liquor, traffic police drunk and drive ee moodu vaana kalam varadalla, enda kalam chematala, chalikalam lo manchu la veedadiya leni combination Now that internet has taken over the world, Cinemalu Assalu saripovadam ledu mana janalaki.

Pictures Released by Dar Media. Supreme Court of India ee year pass chesina verdicts ee year maatrame kaadu eppatiki gurtundi potayi.

Listen to carols and sing them loud 3.


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Mana imagination ki maname boss. You are commenting using your Twitter account. They are some fancy names like universal and 21 st century something, and they roll on to the screen in a fancy way.

We’ve Finally Found The Woman Behind The Voice Of ‘Lakshmi Ganapathi Films’.

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