Board Rejects Nayantara’s Project Geet and Maan re-unite Couple Try to Compromise Nandini accepts Dev’s proposal Geet stops Dev from leaving Dev Does Not Get a Job Maan takes Geet for a movie

Geet and Maan get close Geet checks on Maan Dev Is Found Unconscious Gossip about Geet and Mann Naintara Tries to Get Bail Darjee accepts Geet and Maan The Marriage Preprations Are On

Video was deactivated by our moderator. You are most welcome to update, correct or add information to this page. Nayantara Is in a Coma Maan carries Geet in his arms Vikram’s Dead Body Is Found Maan confesses his feelings Maan saves Geet’s life Dev confides in Maan Geet tries to talk to Maan Maan teaches Geet driving Geet offered a job Newly Wedded Couples Fight Maan furious at Vikram’s act Geet says NO to Canada Maan sees Dev in the outhouse Geet searches for Maan Plan to End the Family Tiff Please choose mawn reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video page as well.


Dev saves Maan and Geet Nandini slaps the union leader Security Tightened at the House Geet conceals her pregnancy Geet tries to leave again Geet leaves the party Temple Run 2 years ago. Geet cancels the test Geet told to confess her love Beeji is proud of Balwant Geet and Maan feel bad for Pammi Maan plays a prank on Geet Maan calls the police Balwant prepares food for Geet Maan gets into a fight Please enter your Password for confirmation.

Pari leaves for ever Dev Leaves Meera’s House Maan gets locked in the room Preeto Craves for Lucky’s Love Be Careful with My Heart. Geet wants to apologise Maan keeps a close watch Maan tends to Geet Geet is separated from Maan Geet makes breakfast for all A Client Flirts with Anvesha Maan and Geet have fun Dev thinks about Nandini Maan wants to keep Geet happy Dadima approves of Geet