Our brand new Maytag front loader has a optimum LOL soap dispenser that can ‘supposedly’ wash several loads before refilling. I have never experienced customer service like this. Without plastic containers or utensils the machine dries more completely. I have never been treated so poorly in my life. The one complaint I have is sometimes the dishes smell funny after washing. Energy Star R Qualified: Within a couple of weeks the dishwasher began failing:

If this one stop working I would buy another Maytag dishwasher. Twice life testing based on accelerated year life testing, normal cycle, average use. This company is not yet accredited. The design runs the steam past this ribbon, so it corrodes really fast. Mine has that same part and yet they refused to acknowledge the issue. Compared to other leading brands in the category, Maytag offers the most powerful motor. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.

The Maytag dishwasher works really well. The water tends to pool on bottoms of glasses and plastics mostly.

Tier I Control Type: The wiring in the door that plugs into the control panel is burnt! The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. Deries in just a few minutes. Ordered the new control panel and just went to replace it, guess what. Six months later I had to replace the controller.

Also, the top rack has clips on the side to lower and raise the rack.

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Compared to other leading brands in the category, Maytag offers the most powerful motor. I will never buy another Maytag and have warned all of my friends and family. Thanks Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it’s way!

It has been very good. In fact it is no longer in service. After about three years the control panel malfunctioned and had to be replaced.

This year I’m replacing the dishwasher. Thank you, you have mdb897sez subscribed to our newsletter! The outer sides of the top rack will only hold smaller glasses because these clips get in the way. The panel can pretty easily be replaced yourself, but most have found that this is only a temporary solution for 6 months md8979sez a year, before having to replace all over again.


Our Whirlpool experience has been extremely stressful and quite expensive.

BUT, the dispenser fills with water after one load and dilutes whatever soap heritaage left! The form was never emailed as agreed and now we are just really tired of the whole experience so will simply put this all behind us.

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After another six months the control panel has again failed. Overall, I would buy it again. Energy Star R Qualified: Every Maytag product that I have bought in the last 10 has been garbage.

A few months into owning the machine, after our 3rd service call, we contacted Whirlpool, Customer Service and asked for the machine to be replaced. My dishwasher leaked and tank replaced, followed by drain pump, followed by circuit board in Here’s how it stacks up: It is clear to us that if an appliance which is averaging a serious failure every 3 months since the first day of installation, does not in the opinion of Whirlpool warrant a full and prompt replacement, or even the direct telephone attention of a Customer Service Supervisor, that the Whirlpool quality standard must be so low, the failure frequencies so high, that the number of similar failures prohibits any commercial viability to manage the problems in a reputable manner.

We talked to a authorized tech who said it was a poor design. Especially after reading the reviews. I don’t use heated drying though, to save energy. It is worth every penny. Metal Wire Cup Shelves Metal wire cup shelves ensure that you’ve got plenty of room for all those juice glasses, coffee mugs and sippy cups once the upper rack is full.

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We purchased a new Maytag dishwasher at the end of April 17, I had mayytag Maytag dishwasher made by Whirlpool that after 4 months of ordering wrong parts, parts arriving damaged, and parts that were re-engineered and did not match up, the dishwasher could not be fixed. Full Length Non Splitable.

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I think it may be our water though. Thank goodness it was running during the day and not night so that we were able to shut off the power. Its location on this page may change mdb899sez time you visit.

This appliance could have burnt our house down. Unfortunately, here we are once again, requesting our 7th service call in less than 18 months, and asking once again for a replacement. The warranty service providers have been good but herutage machine has been a catastrophe, msytag been out of commission for several of the 18 months since being installed, and causing serious water damage to our kitchen floor based on several other negative reviews this leaking is not an uncommon occurrence.

This experience has definitely put a bad taste in my mouth about Maytag products.

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Whirlpool clearly has some very large problems. I truly don’t know how they can still maytat in business if they treat their customers like they did me. Now control panel was bad again, had to rest circuit to get it to start. Drying-Like most dishwashers this one is only so-so in the drying department, especially on the short cycle. I had a Maytag dishwasher made by Whirlpool that after 4 months of ordering wrong parts, parts arriving damaged, and parts that were re-engineered and did not match up, the dishwasher could not be fixed.