Yang Guo and the Mongolian mercenaries follow him there. While practicing martial skills, Xiaolongnu is injured and is saved by Gongsun Zhi from Passionless Valley. Huodu’s teacher, Jinlun Guoshi, is planning to become the leader of the martial world. List of The Return of the Condor Heroes characters. I want to change this phenomenon. However, their practice is disturbed by a dispute between Zhao Zhijing and Yin Zhiping. Jinlun Guoshi is detained by Zhou Botong, but while the others are away, Guo Xiang is tricked into releasing him.

Xiaolongnu finds out that Yin Zhiping raped her. Yang Guo meets Ouyang Feng and is adopted as son by him. Lu Wushuang manages to escape and tries to get help from Guo Jing. September 05, , Yang Guo, who thinks he is going to die anyway, sucks the poison out of their blood and gets more injured than before. Huang Rong convinces her to leave Yang Guo for his own good. Xiaolongnu arrives to kill Yin Zhiping, but he feels so guilty that he commits suicide. Yang Guo and Xiaolongnu go back to the Ancient Tomb.

Yang Guo and Xiaolongnu retreat to a remote hut. The student-teacher couple are stoned to death by their neighbors. Guo Fu mistakenly throws poison darts at Yang Guo and Xiaolongnu.

They all go to Passionless Valley to seek the antidote for Yang Guo. With the help of Xiaolongnu, Yang Guo succeeds in driving away the Mongolians and becomes a hero. September 04, Changes to Characters and Love Stories As expected of an Yu Zheng retugn, some of the characters will lun undergoing changes.


Together, they crash Gongsun Zhi’s wedding to Xiaolongnu.

While they are on the way to Peach Blossom Island, they find the Wu brothers and take them, too. I want to change this phenomenon. Please login or register.

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Yelu Qi goes to Xiangyang to meet Guo Jing. To the surprise of many, Yu Zheng also plans to mention another master-disciple relationship: Archived from the original on They both die and Yang Guo buries them. Yang Guo falls into a valley and is saved by Cheng Ying. Yang Guo stops their fighting.

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Huodu’s teacher, Pe,eran Guoshi, is planning to become the leader of the martial world. Yang Guo leaps to the bottom of Passionless Valley and finds Xiaolongnu.

At the gate, they are stopped by Zhao Zhijing who doesn’t recognize who Zhou Botong is. Huang Rong gives birth to twins, a girl and a boy. Guo Jing takes Yang Guo to Quanzhen sect to be educated there.

Retrieved from ” https: She also poisons herself with Love Flower to get her the antidote from her mother. September 05, Xiaolongnu fights Gongsun Zhi to get the antidote for Yang Guo, but Yang Guo throws it to the bottom of the Passionless Valley because it’s not enough for both of them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


On Peach Blossom Island, Guo Fu and the Wu brothers are taught martial skills while Yang Guo is only taught literature and is often bullied by the other three kids. While they are away, Yin Zhiping blindfolds and rapes Xiaolongnu.

Yang Guo meets Ouyang Feng and is adopted as son by him. Yang Guo befriends a Mongolian named Yelu Qi. Fikm brothers stop fighting each other, but when they see Li Mochou they try to take revenge on thr.

Yang Guo learns martial arts as well as the history of the Ancient Tomb sect as related to the establishment of Quanzhen sect. A total of 50 episodes were produced.

Xiaolongnu accidentally finds a secret way out of the tomb and all of them manage to get out of the tomb.