An excelent novel that was absolutely enchanting. Audible Download Audio Books. I really didn’t like this strange little book. The Characters in the book, are would you are likely to see in London, but how they are portrayed is something quite different from other books. She sure did have a smoking hot body in this film, but she’s not a good actress and she hasnt aged well. The fact that the story ‘uses’ you at the begging, then the magician taking you as a apprentice, is quite magnificent, and the story is amazing wi This story was quite magnificent, the idea of the magician talking to you, as if ‘he’ was taking you on the adventure, and then suddenly jumping to his past, then to Sam’s, then you are taken away by all the description that Jeanne had put into the story. Each chapter is prefaced with a new magic skill to learn, from palming coins to teleportation. The main character may be the strange Vango but the writer gives us a great cast of characters, both historical and fiction, that are all as equally elusive and interesting.

Convinced that it belongs to her long-lost father – the son of a witch doctor – she sets out on a journey to discover the answers to these questions. Apr 03, Jared Van Breda rated it it was amazing. No trivia or quizzes yet. Aug 24, Sally rated it it was ok Shelves: Aug 06, miss. Michal’s friend Tomasz Piernasz-Strus

In her encounters with diviners and healers, conjurers and mystics, Sam learns the truth about magic the hard way. I enjoyed it but didn’t love it – I easily put it down and didn’t feel the urge to pick it up again, because though the story was an interesting one, I never found it terribly gripping. Also, akin to an unfortunate boo in pace leading to the climax, is the suggestion that the world of performers and psychics is just too – I don’t know what, to justify such an adventure, – argumentative?


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That said, this is certainly a recommendable book, and not for those of an age akin to Sam’s twelve years. Preview — Shamanka by Jeanne Willis. It’s also the only book I have read 3 times and enjoyed it every single time. Hanna Huzel-Steele rated it liked it Jun 18, The story had so many interesting revelations that I always had the urge to read on and see what happened next. The protagonists are mostly brilliantly-written characters, most of whose names are anagrams of each other.


Aunt Candy, a contortionist by training, who now hates everything to do with magic, circuses or performing, is a fan of mother’s ruin, and giving huge stinking shamanoa whenever Sam asks after her dad.

This was so goooood, it was nice an interesting I loved how everything was connected and how the story unraveled slowly throughout the book It wasn’t slow, it wasn’t fast, it had such a nice pace I really enjoyed it. This is a beautifully produced book which would make a stunning film. I would recommend this certainly for its target audience, who would surely need to go to the fortune-teller’s tent or the circus quite soon after.

The reader is spoken to directly. Mar 30, Lauren Rosa rated it liked it Shelves: Somehow the author creates unusual images and manages to say so much in very few words: By the end of this book Vango still seems mysterious as there is no proper end to it, and the story continues on in its sequel.

But now Sam is faced with shhamanka similar situation but she must find her parents starting of with finding her friend Lucy from the animal institute.

He has one friend who is a priest called Zefiro. Sep 06, Jake Hill rated it it was amazing Shelves: In her encounters with diviners and healers, conjurers and mystics What is magic? She worked for various agencies creating press adverts and TV, cinema and radio bkok. It is a great work that is wonderfully written and magnificently translated.

Shamanka by Jeanne Willis

A really good story as the book unravelled secrets about the main character. Not only has she translated the language, but the shamanja and ideas of the book to something more digestible to an English reader. She involves the reader actively in the story, and I would strongly recommend this book for someone looking to read a novel that is both exciting and very different from the majority of popular paperback fiction.

I really didn’t like this strange little book. Vango between sky and earth, by Timmothee De Fombelle and translated by Sarah Ardizzone, is an intriguing and mysterious novel. This is book is really, really underrated. Aug 04, Gloria added it. The author using a variety of tricks makes an element within the book with a simple mission it might be a simple-sounding quest, but it turns into a thrilling mystery before its conclusion. She exudes a powerful passion, a passion that knows no barriers, but passion fatal It is a long thrilling adventure story that skips between different time zones, but it is always easy to follow.


Thus dreams are interpreted, dowsing with shamanja is done, people who use automatic writing are sought.

Like Liked by 1 person. There then follows a similar quest for Sam, as she first has to track down Lucy after Aunt Candy disposed of herthen the truth. This demonstrates the skill the translator, Sarah Ardizzone, has for this line of work. For example the nationalization of the Zeppellin company. It is truly one of the writer’s greatest assets in terms of authoring historical fiction.

Sam’s universe has always been of magic and magicians, practising sleight-of-hand at a young age and forced by her wicked aunt to wear recycled ringmasters’ uniforms as school costume – gold glitter thread in the blazer and all. Feel free to simplify things by saying I’m not Jeanne Willis’s target audience, but I feel that the supporting cast are so strong and varied, and the back-story of such concern that Sam herself does not come across as well as she might.

This book, was one of the few of the many i have read which has practically captured me within it. Anna’s father Pawel Burczyk It’s magical and intriguing and I have read it countless times, so much so that the book is falling apart!

The beginning of the blurb reads as such: For those people, I would recommend them dabbling in a book such as this – no pretence, just good writing, no major scheme of things but still with the ability to deliver a fable regarding good and evil, family and inheritance, magic and reality, dreams and fantasy Open Preview See a Problem?

Madison Baker rated it liked it Jun 11, The entire concept of the story has got to be to me one boom the best i have read. And she didnt leave movies because she was traumatized by the nude scenes, which are relatively tame.

Dec 26, Carla rated it really liked it. Audible Download Audio Books.