She came back, that’s what matters. Hee-bok tells Ok-soon that Myung-wol was almost apprehended by those agents at the hospital, speculating that somebody reported her as a spy. She’s an actress for goodness sake, she basically does what she’s told. Either as a bitchy heiress or a soft-hearted clumsy girl, she’s always believable and real. That’s what makes this drama frustrating. It started out exciting [like a rollercoaster] but I started getting dizzy and nauseous at the end. Why am I more moved by this couple than the main one? Ryu, Lee Jin Wook was the main reason I watched.

He stands there, lost, confused, and then his baseball rolls toward him and stops at his feet. He asks how much she knows, and by her evasive look, he can tell she knows everything about who he is. I just had to share my thought. I wonder, as a country, how much longer they can survive? LOL I wasn’t going to respond to this until I saw that you had copy-pasta’d this comment from the Myung Wol ep 17 recap over here. Absoutely the writers of this drama should never be allowed to write again.

They hug and she promises to never leave his side again. Love PTB though, the plot is very good! Tho I am still trying to watch episode 15, I keep falling asleep…maybe I should end it here with your recap. Ok so he ddnt get no girl at all even though he was such a sweatheart, and I was ok with that not everything can be happy lovey dovey.

Her heart breaks for all the pain and suffering poor Ryu has had to suffer, and she piggybacks him and sprints to the mountains, where she brews herbal concotions, and tends to him until he is well. Kudos to the other staff who showed that they’re still professional. Myung-wol awakens in the cave in the morning to find herself alone, and heads out wondering where Ryu went. Myung Wol who feels guilty brings him to a secret garden that is only privy to the absolute worst spies.

What a way to go out with a bang. Suddenly goons come for Myung Wol, who breaks free and escapes into a car driven by Choi Ryu. Oh wait, that already happened in LTM multiple times, so that balances out the male ego universe. Good thing i got hold of Survivor US season to keep my summer going. Men in black always mean bad news in spy dramas, so she makes a break for it, and they pursue. He gruffly walks her down the mountain grumbling at her for coming up here, and finally snaps off her heels when she starts complaining.


And she would wear the loudest and most colorful outfit of all while saying “A spy is expected to wear black so I’m going for color! But this drama was all setup and no payoff. She plies him with ten bottles of soju, and then switches souls with him when he is dead drunk. Still, they manage to give me a wack load of butterflies in their lovey dovey scenes I second that motion!: The talents got the short end of the deal though due to having nothing that makes use of their, well, talent.

I have stopped watching the drama from the 2nd ep and have only been reading the recaps without commenting because even from the 2nd ep, I knew that this drama will not come even CLOSE to being an awesome drama like City Hunter His eyes fill with tears and he finally breaks into a big smile. I even thought about keeping the files because I was impressed with him. Amen to that aX.

Either as a bitchy heiress or a soft-hearted clumsy girl, she’s kyung believable and real. Ryu heads back to spy central, and finds himself at the barrel end of another gun, this time held by Myung-wol. Also, is it just me or does this seem vaguely familiar to Mary Stayed Out Last Night from last year…something that started out great but fell into a downward spiral.

Hottest mess of ? Episodes by LollyPip. Myung Wol goes eisode the bathroom to wash the blood off her hands, but the blood is splattered all over her white wedding dress.

Despite ample amount, they tried hard and worked till the end. I was just wondering. Skip to primary content. Just finished both episodes. This last sentence is exactly what most of sinopwis had on mind!!!!!!!!!! He plans to head to the States to clear his head and do some studying, and says goodbye to Dae-kang and In-ah.


I hope these writers get blacklisted forever for taking a story with such an interesting premise and totally screwing it over in every possible way imaginable, and some that must have been revelation from the Crappy Plot Gods. A year passes, and Kang Woo dreams about a happy home life with wifey Myung Wol cooking for him.

That sinopsiis equal up.

The last few episode was just wasteful and such disappointment! The car flips over and bursts into flames, and Kang-woo collapses to the ground in tears, screaming her name.

Spy Myung Wol Episode 17-18 Recap

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Maybe not, but it was enjoyable summer fluff This drama started to get boring for me. But since you put yourself out there, I had to sinopssis something. If it was because to create an impact that they were indeed assassinated to the north government, then marrying kang woo who is aol public figure, wont that still indicate that she and choi ryu are very much alive???

Oh Ryu, why couldn’t you have pulled a Kim Min Jong and become the lead? All I care about is that the writer s of this drama never be allowed to write again.

Spy Myung Wol Episode Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Choi Ryu finds the sniper taking aim at Myung Wol again, and warns him to report to their superiors to halt this assassination attempt. Episode 17 DID feel like a filler more than anything else mhung was a little dissappointing, yet, I expected it. I feel really bad for the staff and crew who worked hard for this drama.

Despite the monotony of sol middle, the “here and there” of the writing, and the unfulfilled Choi Ryu result, the actors acted well, and I got my happy ending.