Completely ignoring his former lover. The young women laughs as they transferred the feathered toy to each other by agile kicks. It was given to Ruo Xi because at the time it was believed to cure colds and sickness Ruo Xi was sick at the time he gave it to her. He says without her, even if he wins everything, it will all be meaningless. Ruo Xi sits in her room, reflecting there is no joy or sorrow to speak of anymore. Ruo Lan keeps quiet.

Now fully grounded in the present day, Ruo Xi, or should I say Zhang Xiao, strolls along in the city. Email required Address never made public. Rou Xi dashes forward, swing a finger at the dog, calling it a beast while looking at Ming Hu. When news of Ruoxi’s death reached Yinzhen, he rushed to Yinti’s house, regretting his actions after learning that Ruoxi still loved him. An idea gladly received and promptly acted on. She hears a voice. Furthermore Ruo Lan is not concerned about such marriage arrangements. She tells him to take precautions against them.

Ruo Xi accepts it and says she has nothing to offer since she is by herself. She has no idea if the person in front of her is really Yin Zheng. She tells Ruo Lan she knows what kind of tricks Ruo Lan is playing. Ruoxi was shocked by this revelation, and in addition, remembering Yinzhen told her once that he initially had no desire to become an emperor, she realizes her sinopsix inadvertently shaped events see predestination paradox.


Ruo Xi decides to take the risk anyway. She asks Ruo Lan to speak frankly.

Retrieved from ” https: Clearly Ming Hui is unwilling but she will accept it. They walk slowly, 10th with his squinted close eyes with Ruo Xi laughs beside him. The Mongolian contingent is expected in a few days time. It makes you want to startlinng to the Qing Dynasty because everything is so beautiful and all the princes are gorgeous. It was given to Ruo Xi because at the time it was believed to cure colds and sickness Ruo Xi was sick at the time he gave it to her.

She found herself trapped in the body of a young daughter of a Manchu aristocrat, Ma’ertai Ruoxi, younger sister of Ma’ertai Ruolan, who was a concubine of the emperor’s eighth son, Yinsi. They all have their motives.

Waving a finger, Ruo Xi speaks out loud and she realises that the fall was not an accident.

Still angry, Sionpsis Xi flings one last handful startlibg snow clutched in her hands at 4th. Yu Tang gives her sworn sister a sly grin and asks why 4th send snuff to Ruo Xi. She happily tells Ruo Xi that there is such a difference after leaving the Forbidden City and coming to the plains. If word of it gets out, the gossip would be unimaginable. Tears roll down her cheeks in her mad dash through the snow.


On the first day of the new year, Ruo Xi decides to implement her decisions no matter how lucky they might be. Ruo Xi blithely indicates it would be fine as long as they do not encounter the 4th prince. Blogging takes hours, commenting takes minutes. sinopeis

He throws down his umbrella. Although, they are not really sisters, RX quickly adopted RL as her sister. Ruo Xi nods as well. Yinsi knew that Yinzhen would not allow Ruoxi to leave and decided to intervene.

[Recap] Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 15

I love this sign of mutual respect and brotherhood. This article needs additional citations for verification. Ruo Xi quietly swipes at her eyes. Smiling, the other two princes follow.

She wonders if it will really help. Just then there is another knocks.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. She tells him she is not even sure how to sfep why she brought up the names. And now asking Ruo Xi, she only keeps a cold silence. He pulls her up and her crutch falls with a clatter. He is fast asleep.