Email required Address never made public. I feel like I had to watch the show in case I run into any of the characters, I mean actors, on the street in Jerusalem. It’s about Orthodox Jews living in Jerusalem. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hodaya tells him not to meet her in front of the school, because the teachers are watching. They dress really well.

He is too lazy to find out where she hangs out and go there. Nati and Roee’s father spends the Shabbat with them. OK so they are not keeping all the rules, but even simple things like the bride sitting on a special chair, the bride and groom not meeting before the wedding and more, are new concepts for some of the viewers. This site uses cookies. Reut returns from India straight into the Shiva for Nati’s mother, there she meets a cute guy. But where was crazy Frenchie wife? Be the first one to add a plot. The series that won over audience’s hearts is back for Season 2.

What, the link Epissode gave doesn’t work zeason chu”l? Hodaya misses her father and drifts away from Asaf. On to the recap! Yifat has a day off. Is one of the few shows where I don’t care what episode or season I watch Friends Online. Hodaya is helping a young actress and teaches her how to portray a religious woman. Now get 2 phones for the price of 1 and free calls too with Talk’n’Save.

I understand that the producer of srugim is a reader of this blog. There’s no laugh track and many of the issues discussed and brought up are dead serious. It was great that you posted Episode 1 here. And people love it here.

Nati keeps getting closer to Dafna’s son. Fill in your details below or click an srugi, to log in: Reut makes a surprising move.


Unfortunately srugim squanders the opportunity to provide something new in this regard. Oh, and from a guy POV she looked hotter than Hodaya this week-: Realer than an Israeli thinking wearing a vest is an appropriate interview outfit.

It was called Friends. Hodaya quits her job at the pub. In seaosn to the actual wedding, Hodaya may have had a “wedding night” the same night, and Nati entered a 7-day period just like sheva brachot. There is clearly no common ground for discussion here.

Episode List

If you watch t. So this episode was a shocker. Alon November 3, at 8: Add Image S2, Ep7.

There are basically two approaches to depicting religious Jews on Israeli television – the openly hostile approach or the apologetic and obsequious approach. They dress really well. So I’d stay away from it.

That is not good for watdh students middos. Do you know how many times I haven’t gotten access to videos because I live in Israel? Reut returns from India straight into the Shiva for Nati’s mother, there she meets a cute guy.

Season 3, Episode 2: Srugim says yes!!!

On onlinr they have Crooked teeth, unkempt appearances, bad posture, and general unattractiveness. Avri just proposed, why was he not driving her? Fayge and Chani are the mean girls of Srugim. If not maybe you could pass this message on to him.

He is too lazy to find out where she hangs satch and go there. Season 3, Episode 2: Amir goes back to his Sephardic roots. Next time put a spoiler alert up – I’m still working my way through Season 1 slowly – Hebrew not so goodand I had no idea that what’shername got married.

The Muqata: Srugim 2 episode 1 online now

Saying that Srugim is just like Friends because they’re both “about a group of young friends that live in proximity to each other”, is similar to saying that Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is just like SpongeBob SquarePantsbecause they’re both about a bunch of fantasy characters in a fictional land. This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your WordPress. Yifat purchases a home pregnancy test.


We are pretty sure zonah ahuva sheli is the best line ever uttered on this show. Russell — Sorry, your link is to a “behind the scenes” documentary about Srugim; not the first episode of the new eplsode. So he meets her on the other side of the street? Reut is the only female on the show who dresses well — where are you Reut? That’s about the only comparison it has to Friends.

Or some of us are in chul on shlichut and have already made aliyah You are commenting using your Twitter account. But that does it make it more believable, we guess because everyone in the Brenner family is so emotionally repressed.

A friend of Roee’s offers his help as a Fpisode. Brighten it up, get some attractive entertaining actors and actresses. I kind of liked the Avri proposal, but Avri is just as crazy if he leaves his fiance and three days later proposes to an ex!

South Jerusalem”, with very little sex. In fact, Friends is a comedy.