But when the votes were read, the Idol went for naught as the alliance ceded to Andrea’s wishes, voting out Michael who became the first member of the Jury. Phillip told Andrea that they, along with Cochran and Dawn, could take themselves all the way to the Final Four. Redemption Island John Cochran , Survivor: South Jordan, Utah Occupation: Shutting down small talk Pet Peeves: Retrieved March 7, This sent Brandon over the edge and he went off on his tribe.

Phillip told his alliance that they should continue their original split voting plan just in case Eddie and Malcolm did not play their Idols. Production of the show took place in the Caramoan Islands in the Philippines , the same location as the previous season. Winning an Hispanic beauty pageant Hobbies: However, Brenda did not agree to the deal and the challenge continued. Shamar Thomas 27, Brooklyn, New York. With Brandon gone, Phillip and Corinne wanted to turn their attention to voting the other out, but they were stuck with each other as they had to keep the Favorites alliance in the majority. Would you like to view this in our Australian edition?

Parvati — I have a strong personality and lots of charm. Retrieved February 14, They would then assemble the rails into a ladder to play a variation of ladder toss. What are your thoughts? Cambodia—Second Chance’ cast revealed”.

Goliath Edge of Extinction He chose to take Dawn, fearing Eddie’s popularity with many of the male members of the jury, and Eddie became the final member of the jury. With the other castt, they would build a house of cards with wooden tiles on one end of the balancing board.

There are things out of the norm that happen this season that will be very memorable. When the castaways moved up to the second set of slats, Jeff offered three hot dogs and a soda, which Cochran took.

Retrieved March 21, John Cochran 15 Survivlr Sherri, Cochran, and Dawn ultimately were the final three players. I want to play the game like Boston Rob. The last castaway to remain under the grate would win. If you go caast the bathroom, wash your hands!


The tribe would race out into the ocean and climb over and into a bamboo cage. Cochran told Brenda and Dawn about Andrea’s plan. Malcolm and Corinne zurvivor the remaining Fans together to try to overthrow Phillip, while the rest of the Favorites regrouped under Stealth R Us. On the revote, Julia was sent home. However, by the next morning, Brandon had changed his mind and was back to staying in the game for his family.

The castaways and their loved 213 would spin around in circles to unscrew three rails. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The castaways would participate in a local delicacy food eating challenge.

Trying to gather support to blindside Phillip, Corinne talked to Dawn about joining the blindside. Caraman three would then dive down to release bamboo sticks in a cage to free nine rings.

Reynold did, but then also threatened her that if he felt she would not vote with them that he would play the Idol.

Eddie asked Sherri if she felt she got carried to the final three to which she replied forcefully she did not only to invoke laughter from several jury members, Dawn about how she could declare herself a strong player when she was seen as weak at camp, and Cochran about how the game had changed him going forward in life and asked if he would ever go on a bro date with the Three Amigos.

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‘Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs Favorites’: New cast and intel revealed! |

Better get ready, because come next month, it’s time for fans and favorites to throw down against each other CBS announced today the official cast for Survivor: Weigh in down below! Jeff Probst told EW. The second round would be the advancing six eating shipworms with three castaways moving on. Are there any frontrunners just based survivorr their performances in former seasons?

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On the night of day 10, Brandon told his tribe that he was volunteering to be voted out because he felt he was being selfish for leaving his family at home without him. At the Reward Challenge, all of the castaway’s house of cards collapsed at least twice, until Cochran finally built a house tall enough to reach the mark.


My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Over at the Bikal camp, Francesca decided that she was not going to be voted out first again and tried to make as many alliances as she could. Retrieved April 23, At Tribal Council, cazt vote came out a split between Michael and Julia. The Stealth R Us alliance agreed they could now freely vote out any of the three as they had no Hidden Immunity Idol, but unbeknownst to them, Malcolm cash had one.

The core Stealth R Us alliance was concerned that Corinne did have the numbers to blindside Phillip, and went to work to blindside Corinne instead. Malcolm told Dawn that she should own up to her game play and asked Cochran what quality he had that allowed him to advance in the game that Malcolm did not have.

Two members from each tribe would hold on to a rope that would suspend a net. Got a News Tip? In addition to Erik and Brandon handing away immunity, Cochran made a hotly-debated flip that led to 2031 demise, and Francesca was the fast first person voted off her season after she openly took on Boston Rob. The first tribe to place the chest on their finish platform would win immunity and a reward of two chairs, pillows, a blanket, a tarp, and rope.

When the vote came, Dawn followed srvivor with Cochran’s plan and voted out Brenda. Retrieved March 26, Phillip told Brandon that he was not sure he could trust him.