Brian gives her a call when he needs her help with some business. Mono Westrex Recording System. Discovery – Episode 2. Use the HTML below. Share this Rating Title: K – English – Chapters:

Show Selector 10 After Midnight 1 God Friended Me – Episode 1. Arke reviews Seven months after taking her with him to New Orleans, Klaus receives acts of kindness from Hayley, but why? Is The Bewitchin’ Pool the series finale? It kept me laughing, thinking, and even crying. They just aren’t normal date night kind of people. The baby to live.

Unable to escape the curse, he returns to the Coven of the Quarter to ask that they remove the curse. This is her story word for word. Full Cast and Crew. The Hardest of Goodbyes by mmjayy reviews Origunals were known around the world as some of the best originnals racers there were. They just aren’t normal date night kind of people.

Based around Klaus, Hayley and their daughter Talia! This is a story about baby Rebekah who’s a child and the mischief she does.

When Davina becomes violently ill and the repercussions soon begin to affect the entire French Quarter, Marcel, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah rush to find out what is going on.

Meanwhile, Jay must watch out for Marcel and his vampires because if she’s caught, it’ll cost her her life. Is The Bewitchin’ Pool the series finale?

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Reading and writing fan-fiction, watching TV, hanging out with friends, drawing, singing, dancing, watching movies, listning to music, and there’s stuff i cant be bothered to write out! Four people and their otherworldly frienemy struggle in the afterlife to define what it means to be good. Series Return and Premiere Dates. What would happen if Rebekah reverted back to eeries baby in modern times?


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Please vote for one of the choices. Choice by Marorin5 reviews She had to choose between her brother and her boyfriend. Reflect My Soul by Starburst reviews “A soulmate is your mirror, the person who reflects you and represents you in every way possible.

I started watching this sfries because I was bored and wanted to just have something on TV while I thw and found myself overcome with emotions. Yes No Report this. Full Cast and Crew. I own nothing but Jaelene and future OC’s. Discovery Star Wars: Use the HTML below. Everything seemed perfect…until the night Henrik died. Was this review helpful to you? Her reckless, overconfident and rude personality matched with his, they are Slytherin royalty.

The Twilight Zone

In all honesty this show was more intriguing to me than many other Netflix sitcoms as well as some other shows like George Lopez. Klaus’ true love by crazyaboutto reviews A Klayley story. I suck at summaries!

It is my favorite time of the year. If you require any help with SpoilerTV, please don’t hesitate to contact us but please check the links below to see if they znoe help you first. Finding out that their husbands are not just work partners, but have also been romantically involved for the last twenty years, two women with an already strained relationship try to cope with the circumstances together.

Fast and the Furious – Rated: Audible Download Audio Books. He killed her origianls and broke her heart.


Follows three generations of the same Cuban-American family living in the same house: Have you ever orlginals of just doing a simple locator spell to find Klaus and remind him that he promised to save Josh? How Much Have You Seen? A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Rise of a Star Sequel to The King and I by cordiebear95 reviews Klaus had everything he could ever want in his long and endless life.

One day, like so many before, Klaus and Elijah fights over Hayley and leave Rebekah to take care of her.

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Originally one shot, but carried on because I’m a nice British person! Royal Love by muserley reviews Family is power. Keep up the great work Netflix!!! Join Klaroline and co. User Reviews The signpost up ahead After finding out about her boyfriend’s lies, the most logical thing for her to do was to choose her brother.

Leslie Berkowitz 39 episodes, B consults Lydia’s bouquet list for “non-iversary” gift ideas. She didn’t realize that her friend lived in New Orleans until it was too late. Like all the fanfictions i have liked basically. Share this Rating Title: