Great machine when it actually works. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. You cannot operate a manual hight control fast enough. The differences I see are the TM2 has aluminium construction and gantry, no water table, one motor for the x and one for the y drives other side with drive shaft , it uses rack and pinion drive somewhat in the cut area, making it suseptable to grit no? With this automated cutting system, fabricators can pierce or cut mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and copper with precision and repeatability. The lead screw drive has been flawless on my 2×2. Calgary, AB, Canada Posts:

Com – Archive – Top. Had I know growth from 2×2 was not going to be an option I would probably have just gotten something else Many variables beyond the control of Lincoln Electric affect the results obtained in applying these types of fabrication methods and service requirements. And less chance of it binding. Torchmate will change the way you make things. And I will broadcast this from the rooftops to everyone I know!

I would like a 4×4 cnc seriew, I’m pretty much going to go with a tunrkey system from torchmate as I just don’t have the time to bother making one. The differences I see are the TM2 has aluminium construction and gantry, no water table, one motor for the x and one for the y drives other side with drive shaft toechmate, it uses rack and pinion drive somewhat in the cut area, making it suseptable to grit no?

Tells me they discontinued the growth series upgrade from 2×2 6 months ago. I do not get any kickbacks for plugging any company.

It’s 4 years old now, and have not had a single problem with it. The time now is But it does have it’s drawbacks. Figure I’ll give it one more try and see about upgrading my busted from day 1 2×2 to a 4×4. As my setup is not turnkey, I had it up and cutting after about 12 hours of getting it calibrated.

The one that bugs me most is for voltage based automatic height control, even with their recommend plasma cutter Hypertherm you have to take groowth cover off, drill a hole in the case, and route wires to the board.


Related Assets Related Items: In there Adds it says the growth is for “light” industrial and that the TM2 is a workhorse? I think I’ll give plasmacam a call!! Follow me on facebook https: I just spent three days putting in new slats, cleaning the bed down to bare metal and putting two new coats of immersion grade epoxy on it. Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’ applies to flimsy machines and the gravity waves flop the money out of your wallet. You could build your own water table under the TM2.

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Customer Support seires leaving me hanging ok I email tech support with a issue, they said they were working on resolving a glitch with their system that when the “S” key is pressed to pause the program, it totally crashes and I lose the position and the program goes to shit. Originally Posted by E. Our challenge is to meet the needs of our customers and to exceed their expectations.

Torchmate growth 4×4 or Torchmate 2? Offering CNC Plasma cutting and welding projects. Last edited by jatepper; at Why is one model called a “growth” system? I purchaced my 2×4 growth series in Sept and picked it up Oct 9I inquired about growing to the 4×4 table. Everything is papriatary spelling parts must come from them period. Torchmate forces you to buy from them. Please enter a valid email address for yourself. Aug Member Posts: Torchmate said they discontinued the program.

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This area is reserved for members of the news media. Originally Posted by kb3gun That’s messed up. We respond to our customers based on the best information in our possession at that time.

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torchmate growth series

Originally Posted by Torchmate The same can be said of Pirate4x4, when Lance sold it, we found the experience was different, and we looked for other ways to best support our goals. I have not kept up with all the burn tables out there, the “word on the street” is buy the drives and software from: Originally Posted by CountryBoy As it happens all the timeSeriea after the bigger fish. If you have not yet received a password reset, please re-issue one here: Just got off the phone with Sales right now.

Torchmate, a Lincoln Electric company, is headquartered in Reno, NV and manufactures custom CNC plasma cutting tables and other automation solutions for manufacturers worldwide.

Get a FREE Water Table with the Purchase of a Growth Series™ 2×2™ CNC System as Part of L…

Honestly, the torchmate is a good machine. Apr Member Posts: Not too hard to set up a TM 2×4 as a laser engraver with a solid state laser cutter, auto focusing and a touch screen controller, nor that expensive. Torchmxte nullify the reason most of us bought the growth series torchmage begin with!

If I would have had any idea that torchmate would do this to me, I wouldn’t have even bothered with them in the first place! Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sseries tube cutter they offer is outrageous as well. Please include any notes in the “Supporting information for media credentials” box.

Oct Member Posts: I have a 5×10 X-model with the water table. Are the servo motors compatible with the growth system? Will you be using a fork lift? Calgary, AB, Canada Posts: Figure out what you can and can’t live with.