Lie in the Sky. Daryl notices Sonya Mitchell breastfeeding her daughter and complains to Natasha Williams about it. Georgia later comes to Amali and asks why she told the press that she wrote the song. Paul Robinson Stefan Dennis approaches Hudson about a sponsorship deal. They are thinking of renewing their vows and Sonya introduces her to Susan Kennedy , who is training to be a celebrant. Neighbours is an Australian television soap opera.

Rage of the Stage-Mum. When I Dissed the Teacher. Josie changes her clothes and hair, but is disappointed when Callum fails to notice. Haunted by the Past. He tells Sheila that has come to see someone that may live locally. Season 21, Episode 9: Josie was introduced as “quite a confident character” and a friend of Callum Jones Morgan Baker.

Rhiannon later confesses to sending a threatening note to Mason’s father, Matt Josef Brownas she did not like the way Matt treated Mason. Lynnie Get Your Gun. Jayden and Bailey later spend time watcu getting drunk and vandalising the Erinsborough memorial wall.

Retrieved 18 November Neighbouurs Search for Mr. The Bree Busker Tears. He tries her home first and then tracks her down to Harold’s Store, where Vanessa is surprised to see him.

When Lachie is confronted by Kyle Canninghe claims Kyle assaulted him and they are both taken to the police station.

Neighbours 2nd November 2018

He has had tunnel vision on this one goal, which is to be a champion swimmer, onlinw since moving to Erinsborough he is starting to discover there is more out there for him. The night before he goes, Callum and Josie sleep in the same room.


Hit Me with Your Breast Shot. Truth, Dare or Torture.

Neighbours 2nd November – video dailymotion

Sonya leaves Nell with Toadie, while she goes shopping, but he is unable to chase after Nell when she runs out the front door and into the driveway. Callum tells Imogen Willis that Josie is his girlfriend, so she does not realise that he has a crush on her. Allan is a councillor, who meets with Paul Robinson neigbhours Rhiannon Bates to discuss the apartments Paul wants to build. Robbo threatens Sonya again, and secretly spikes her drink; however, it is Toadie that drinks it.

Josie is often bullied at school due to her intelligence, her appearance and having two mothers. A few months later, Rhiannon returns to Erinsborough to help Matt in the corruption case against Paul.

Pete later asks Georgia out for a drink and she agrees. While training in the gym, Joshua approaches Don for some advice.

All Aboard the Guilt Train. They later kiss, but are unsure what their relationship is headed. He later tells Steph what he did and apologises.

Return of the Cake-Taker. Retrieved 4 July Do the Fright Thing.

To make things up with Josie, Callum buys her a puppy and Josie accepts Callum’s apology. Libby Butler 29 April The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the soap inby order of first appearance. Chris returns the following day and explains that he is not cheating on Hudson, but a guy asked him out and he wanted to go because he was lonely. The Dance of Love. I Should Be So Clucky. Call of the Mild. And So It Goes Robbo continues to intimidate Sonya and later takes her infant daughter, which Sonya cannot prove.


Hudson also meets Chris Pappas and go on a date. Retrieved 17 December Elsie meets Lou Carpenter at the community centre and they go to Charlie’s for a drink. Some Brothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em. I come home all excited about how I’ve been able to work with onlin baby. The 29th season of Neighbours began airing from 7 January Stavros is a mature photography student, who takes pictures around Erinsborough. Paul Robinson invites Marty to his apartment for a poker game, hoping to learn Marty’s card shark skills.

Alek tells Vanessa that he has been thinking about her and then admits that he did not file their annulment papers, so they are still married.

Chris later explains that he received a text from Seamus saying wxtch the date was cancelled.

Letter the Devil You Know. Jacob Holmesplayed by Clayton Watsonmade his first screen appearance on 28 November