He felt nervous, anytime he was around Cassie, before he drank the Elixir, he always felt nervous, always wondering if he was good enough for her. Jake Armstrong Arlen Escarpeta Melissa also seeks Faye’s help, but Faye isn’t pleased with her role as the third wheel. By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. Choose from 21, shows. Edit Did You Know?

Crystal Full Episode S 1: Faye asks Lee to help her cast a spell that would give her individual magic, but the spell has some troubling side effects that threaten to destroy the Circle. After an argument with Diana, Adam looks to to Cassie for advice. Jake Armstrong Arlen Escarpeta Lucky Full Episode S 1: Dawn and Charles have an opportunity to get their power back, but it comes at a high cost. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Dawn knew that now that Cassie didn’t have any living relatives that she knew of, she would have to look out for her which she was more than willing to do after what her and Charles did to Amelia.

Melissa tries to convince Diana to date a normal guy and encourages her to meet a new, secrrt guy in Chance Harbor. I’m awake” Diana said with a drowsy voice. Faye decides that the Circle needs to have some fun and talks Cassie into throwing a big Halloween party.

Cassie starts to worry after not hearing from her grandmother for a few days and decides she wants to search for her. But Cassie, thinking of her friendship with Diana, gives Adam a surprising response. Adam and Cassie then embraced each other and the lights went out. All of a sudden images and feelings for Cassie start to flood through his head until he remembered just how much he loved her, the first night they spent together, and when they first did magic together.


Faye, Melissa, and Jake decided to tell Diana and Cassie as they had a right to know.

Cassie lifted up her shirt and revealed a hardly grown but noticeable bump. She had more control over it than she did when Cassie first arrived in Chance Harbour. Cassie makes a startling discovery when she follows Blackwell’s advice. Audible Download Audio Books.

The Secret Circle

It was the next morning. The CW Turns Cassie was in her living room thinking about Blackwell’s death and Diana leaving her, while starring at the Balcoin mark on her hand with tears streaming down her face, She whispered to herself “Why do people leave me It’s a story that isn’t finished. Adams then got a text from Cassie saying: Melissa was glad she had her solo magic back as it made her feel more safe, but was kind of sad that she wasn’t connected to the others anymore.

Balcoin Full Episode S 1: November 10, Cassie tries to find out more about her lineage to see why she has powers separate from the circle. However, Diana will need to tap into her dark magic for the plan to work.


Dawn runs into Blackwell at the school, but their encounter doesn’t go as she had anticipated. However, things take a turn for worse when Faye must confront someone from her past. He never thought that he and Cassie could ever be together again.

Cassie catches her father sneaking around inside the abandoned house. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Edit Did You Know? She then saw Melissa wearing a really short dress which annoyed Faye.

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I remember and I know you can’t remember but I- I love you Cassie. Meanwhile, Faye and Diana worry about when Melissa as she starts spending more time with Callum. A Star Is Born 7. Meanwhile, Diana struggles to balance her effort to help Adam and Melissa search for the Glaser crystal with her romantic life with Grant, who starts to suspect that she is hiding something.

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Having won Cassie Blake’s confidence, Jake learns of her lineage to the powerful black magic Balcoin family. He then placed his hands on top of the Crystal Skull. She knew she would put Melissa to shame.